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iPhone 15 Pro Max
White & Gray Marble iPhone Case
Regular price $25
iPhone 15 Pro Max
Amber Gold Marble iPhone Case
Regular price $25
iPhone 15 Pro Max
iPhone 7
Regular price $25
iPhone 15 Pro Max
iPhone 7
Regular price $25
iPhone 15 Pro Max
iPhone 15 Pro Max
iPhone 8 / 7
Regular price $25

iPhone Xs Max Cases for the latest iPhone 

The latest version of iPhone (the iPhone Xs Max) after the iPhone Xs recently dropped from the folks at Apple, and it is – like every other iPhone before it – an absolute home run and a major leap forward in smartphone technology.


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With a bigger battery, a faster processor, even more memory and storage, as well as one of the biggest and most beautiful responsive HD touchscreens we’ve ever seen, it’s easy to see how the iPhone Xs Max commands a price tag that starts at just over $1000 (and gets higher than that depending on the extras you include).


Now, obviously, it’s a good idea to make sure that you are protecting this new iPhone as best you can. Not every case there is going to offer you a high degree of protection and safety without compromising the beautiful industrial design of the new iPhone. Most of them are going to look pretty chunky, pretty clunky, and just feel awkward in your hand.


That won’t be a problem with the cute iPhone Xs Max cases here at Velvet Caviar. We have an exclusive lineup of cases for this release which include glitter, camo, floral, wallet and marble iPhone Xs Max Cases. We even have a special line up of clear phone cases!


Each and every one of the new iPhone Xs Max cases we offer is specifically designed to take full advantage of only the latest and greatest in case material technology.


The high-density plastic materials we use in our cell phone cases are engineered to our exact specifications, hitting that sweet spot between price, performance, and portability. You don’t have to worry about oversized iPhone cases making an already very large iPhone even harder to handle – but you also don’t have to worry about any corners being cut when it comes to safety and protection.


On top of that, our production facilities use the latest hardware for perfect fit and fabrication – guaranteeing that your new iPhone Xs Max cases for girls are going to fit your smartphone like a glove. There is going to be no wiggle room, no sloppy play, and no ill-fitting connections.

 iPhone Xs Max Case Specifications 

Every single one of the openings on these cases is laser cut to the exact specifications of the iPhone itself, resulting in Velvet Caviar iPhone Xs Max cases that look like they could have come directly from the folks at Apple. That’s how well they fit!


Of course, the safest and most secure iPhone case isn’t going to be all that attractive unless it also showcases and highlights your personality. The iPhone devices already pretty snappy and gorgeously designed (like every other Apple product), but when left alone – with no case to protect them – they look just like every other iPhone out there.


Velvet Caviar was started to help put a design fingerprint on every individual iPhone, and it’s always been our mission to make sure that our customers are able to really show off who they are through their cell phone case.


Already more than a dozen different designs and styles are available like the clear, glitter, camo, floral, wallet and marble for the iPhone Xs Max in specific and we have quite a few in the pipeline, ready to be released shortly. We are always on the hunt for new designs, collaborating with new artists, and even opening up an opportunity for our customers to send in their own designs – designs that might make it to a production run of our Velvet Caviar iPhone Xs Max cases.


These designs are bright, colorful, and unique. You aren’t going to find them anywhere else. These are the kinds of cases that are going to immediately add all kinds of personality and quirkiness to your new iPhone, helping it to look anything but like just one OF a million but instead one IN a million.

Our cases are available in colors ranging from red, blue, rainbow, green, camo, grey and even pink iPhone Xs Max cases. 


At the end of the day, we here at Velvet Caviar would probably stack our iPhone Xs Max cases up against the cases from any other company out there today – including any cases the folks at Apple might decide to make in the future.


Only the highest quality construction materials will ever find their way into these cases, materials carefully selected for performance, protection, and price. We commit to our customers to use high-caliber production tools and technology to guarantee a glove like that, with no sloppiness and no corners cut as far as quality is concerned.


If you recently purchased the iPhone Xs Max (or know someone that has and are looking for a gift), have a look at the cases we make available here at Velvet Caviar. You’re sure to find something perfect for your phone!


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