AirPod Pro Cases

Make your AirPods one of a kind.
  • Perfect pair with phone cases!
  • Our Airpod Pro Cases are here for the latest and greatest wireless headphones from the folks at Apple, AirPod Pro are some of the lightest weight noise canceling Bluetooth headphones available on the planet. They look fantastic, too!


    Completely eliminating wires, these headphones pair up perfectly with your iPhone, iPod, iPad and Mac devices. The only tricky thing is, though, that they charge in the same storage case that protects them – a pretty plain, white, minimalist case that you’d expect from Apple design experts.


    That’s why we have created the original third party AirPod Pro case, the best option on the planet today to not only protect but personalize your new AirPod Pro headphones.


    Here at Velvet Caviar, though, we add a lot of personality and style to your AirPod Pros while offering top-tier protection at the exact same time. You’ll be able to charge, secure, and transport your AirPod Pros in style, all with the same fit and finish that you would have had with the original case from Apple.


    Incredibly Lightweight While Almost Indestructible


    Thanks the fact that our AirPod Pro cases are designed from top to bottom to take full advantage of super premium construction materials you are guaranteed a lightweight and nearly indestructible case that can stand up to daily wear and tear far better than even the original Apple case ever could.


    Weighing in at just half an ounce (yes, half and ounce) the case material and engineering allow our Velvet Caviar AirPod Pro cases to better protect these high-end wireless headphones than anything else on the market today.


    You’ll be amazed at just how much wear and tear these cases can take while still looking just as good as brand-new.


    Effortless Installation


    We know how meticulous Apple can be when it comes to designing and developing their products and accessories, and that’s why we used actual AirPod Pro headphones in the research and development process of creating our AirPod Pro cases.


    Here at Velvet Caviar we warrant going to settle for an “almost” fit or finish but instead wanted to make sure that the interior of our AirPod Pro cases were going to perfectly clone the OEM options from Apple, giving your headphones the ideal cradle for secure storage and reliability that you expect.


    All you’ll have to do is gently pop your headphones directly into this case and close the secure, magnet locking lid to keep them protected from any outside elements as well as dirt, dust, and debris. The headphones will be securely nestled away in their own individual compartment.


    When you want to pop them out and put them in your ears just a gentle amount of pressure releases them from their secure compartment no worse for wear.


    Best of all, you’ll still be able to take advantage of wireless and Lightning connector charging options with our Velvet Caviar AirPod Pro cases, too. This really streamlines the process of transporting, protecting, and charging your new headphones while eliminating a lot of the headache and hassle that other third-party options inevitably bring to the table.


    Ultra Premium Finish Across the Board


    Here at Velvet Caviar we have become known internationally for producing some of the highest end mobile device accessory options on the planet, and that’s a reputation that we take a lot of pride in – and a reputation that we take very seriously, too.


    We’ve made sure that our high-end AirPod Pro case wasn’t just carefully designed and engineered before it went into production but also made sure that only the highest quality ultra premium elastomers were used in the manufacture of our AirPod Pro cases.


    This guarantees a final fit and finish on par with what you’d expect from Apple themselves, the kind of smooth, dust and fingerprint resistant finish that give these Velvet Caviar cases a truly luxury look and feel.


    At the end of the day, if you’re looking for high-end cases that are going to protect your new headphones without sacrificing the same features, fit, and functionality you’d expect from the Apple case they came with you’ll want to check out our AirPod Pro cases today!


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