iPhone Cases

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  • Samsung

  • Marble

  • Clear

  • Floral

  • Neon

  • Holo

  • Camo

  • Glitter

  • Wallet

  • Charging

  • Animal

  • Faux Fur

  • Pink

Looking for a new iPhone SE caseiPhone 11 case or a iPhone 11 Pro Case or how about the iPhone 11 Pro Max Cases? Then look no further! Velvet Caviar offers an extensive collection of cute phone cases that are suited to fit the need of any individual with matching cute airpod cases!

Choose from a collection of 150+ iPhone cases available in styles of camo, marble, clear, wallet, glitter and many more. Our iPhone cases for girls use state of the art technology to provide the ultimate protection needed to prevent your iPhones from all sorts of fall damages. 

With our cute iPhone cases you can rest assured that your iPhone is fully protected and our beautiful designs give your phone the premium look it deserves. With Velvet Caviar you get the best of both worlds for your iPhone. 


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