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Each and every new iPhone that the folks at Apple come up with is more technologically advanced, more beautifully designed, and more uniquely engineered than the last – and this is certainly true of the most powerful (and most popular) new iPhone devices, both the iPhone X and the iPhone XS.


The only issues with these devices when they come fresh from Apple is that they are not protected from daily dents, dings, and potential damage (always a problem when you’re talking about beautiful devices with so much lightweight metal and glass construction materials) – and that they look identical to every other iPhone out there.


We here at Velvet Caviar fix both of those problems!


Beautiful cases designed with security in mind


While each and every one of the Velvet Caviar iPhone X cases and iPhone XS cases are designed to be as beautiful as humanly possible and really worthy of being attached to Apple’s marvelously engineered smart phone devices, they are also carefully and meticulously crafted themselves to offer plenty of extra protection your standard iPhone will not include.


All of our cases feature wraparound high-density materials that are both slim and lightweight without sacrificing any protection or natural buffer from daily dents, dings, and damage. You won’t have to worry about accidentally dropping your iPhone and having it smashed into tiny little pieces anymore when you protected with one of our iPhone X cases!


One-of-a-kind art designs across the board


Working with some of the most talented independent artists and designers in New York City, each and every one of the iPhone XS cases we here at Velvet Caviar produce feature artwork that is 100% unique, 100% custom, and 100% not available literally ANYWHERE else.


The only place you’ll find these fun, funky, and youthful designs in patterns like floral, camo, glitter, marble, furry and much more – designs that help your iPhone stand apart from every other identical iPhone out there – is right here through our online shop.


With more than 49 unique designs available already (and plenty more in the pipeline through the unique collaborations we’ve been able to build with these exclusive New York designers and artists) you won’t have to worry about struggling to find the perfect iPhone X cases for your device.


The ultimate blend between performance and protection these are the only iPhone X and Xs cases for girls on the planet that already fun, are as stylish, and are as rugged and durable as the ones we offer – guaranteeing that you don’t have to sacrifice the look of your new iPhone just to keep it safe and sound.


Check out all of our new Velvet Caviar iPhone X and Xs cases today!


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