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iPhone 11 Pro Cases


It just wouldn’t be September without a brand-new iPhone (or three) launching, now would it?


Apple has hit another homerun right out of the park with their latest iPhone version – the iPhone 11 series – and while plenty of people are going crazy over the biggest iPhone ever made (the new iPhone 11 Pro Max) industry experts believe that most people are going to go with the iPhone 11 Pro and an iPhone 11 Pro case.


Hitting that sweet spot between the standard iPhone 11 and the oversized iPhone 11 Pro Max, the iPhone 11 Pro offers cutting-edge technology, beautiful industrial design, almost infinite battery power, and maybe the best camera set up we’ve ever seen unveiled in a smart phone before.


If you’re looking to upgrade your older iPhone this is definitely the one you’ll want to get your hands on (and it’s not a bad idea to grab new iPhone 11 Pro cases while you’re at it, either).


New Design


The new design of the iPhone 11 series is a bit of an evolution compared to the iPhone X product lineup that was available last year.


At first blush, the iPhone 11 phones aren’t going to look all that much different than last year’s version – but as soon as you start to look a little closer you’ll notice that almost everything has changed.


For starters, the iPhone 11 Pro is a little bit longer and a little bit thinner than last year’s version. It comes with a 6.1 inch display right out of the box, a new dual camera configuration on the back, and one of the best and brightest OLED phone screens we’ve ever seen.


This phone is also available in new color schemes, including Black, Green, Purple, Yellow, Red, and the traditional Apple White.


Your old iPhone cases aren’t going to work with this new device, but that’s why Velvet Caviar has you covered with their new lineup of iPhone 11 Pro cases ready to go right now!


New Internals


The real differences between the iPhone 11 Pro and every other iPhone that has come before it are in the “guts” of this smart phone, a new phone that has completely overhauled and dramatically improved internals that make it the smartest and fastest phone Apple has ever come up with.


The brand-new Bionic A13 chipset that Apple engineered is the heartbeat of this phone, a blazing fast CPU/GPU hybrid that Apple describes as the fastest and most powerful processor that’s ever been put in ANY smart phone (not just any iPhone).


You also get blazing fast 4G LTE connectivity options, next generation Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity options, and USB A to make sure that you can charge your phone from 0 to 50% inside of 30 minutes right out of the box.


New iOS


iOS 13 is overhauled as well and is being released right alongside the iPhone 11 series of smart phones.


More customizable, friendlier to use, and absolutely loaded with gesture navigation options, voice navigation options, and so much more going on “under the hood” this is the most impressive version of iOS ever released and it helps to make the most of all the new hardware the iPhone 11 Pro shoehorned into its gorgeous form factor.


New Camera


One of the biggest reasons people are running out and buying brand-new iPhone 11 Pro cases has everything to do with the brand-new camera bump on the back of this iPhone.


Nowhere near as creepy looking as the triple camera lens set up on the iPhone 11 Pro Max, the iPhone 11 Pro features a dual camera configuration – both of them 12 megapixels (one of which is an ultra wide camera with a 26 mm aperture) that allow you to shoot incredibly detailed HD photos but also give you 4K recording capabilities straight out of the box.


Sure, this new camera bump is a little bit larger than the previous version of the iPhone (and will require you to get your hands on new iPhone 11 Pro cases) but this just might be the very best camera that’s ever been attached to a smart phone – Apple device or any other.


New Battery


All of this power is obviously going to consume quite a bit of energy, but that’s why Apple engineers worked so hard to come up with new battery technology that has all day and then some power for your new iPhone.


Not only will you be able to use this phone for longer than any other iPhone before it has to be charged, but it also includes lightning fast charging technology as well. As we highlighted above you’ll be able to take this phone from 0% to 50% inside of 30 minutes and totally recharge your battery from completely dead to 100% in just a little while longer than that.


This power keeps your phone up and running when other smart phones would have died hours ago.


New iPhone 11 Pro Cases


Here at Velvet Caviar we want to make sure that you’re able to protect your device with the best looking iPhone 11 Pro cases available, which is why we partner with exclusive artists in New York City (and around the world) to come up with limited-edition designs you won’t find anywhere else.


On top of that, each and every one of the iPhone 11 Pro cases we make available are so much more than just a pretty accessory for your device.


Sure, you get to put your own personal style and custom fingerprint on your new iPhone 11 with these cases. But you’re also going to be able to protect your devices a lot better than you would have been able to if they were left “naked” straight from Apple.


Our Velvet Caviar iPhone 11 Pro cases used top-tier construction materials that stick to your device like a second skin, providing discrete protection and plenty of design all at the same time. Laser precision cut openings let you use your phone the way you would if it remained “naked” without cutting corners or compromising its safety or security at the same time.


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