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  • AirPod Case
    AirPod Case
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    AirPod Case
    AirPod Case
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    AirPod Case
    AirPod Case
    Regular price $25

    The new AirPods have just been released by Apple, making the world’s most popular truly wireless headphones even better than they were before! And to make sure we keep your airpods protected we launched the AirPod Cases. Along with the new Airpod Pro Cases we have all the new designs for both V1 and V2 of the original Airpods. 


    Offering top-tier sound quality over a 100% wireless connection, the new AirPods also provide better battery life, Siri control and command options, and some other really cool “Apple magic” features, you’ll want to make sure that your new wireless headphones are protected and secure with the best case on the market.


    That’s where our AirPod cases come into play!


    The Original AirPod Case Covers


    We here at Velvet Caviar are proud to announce that we are releasing the original, first-ever third-party case designed specifically for the AirPods – an Airpod case cover that provides better protection, better personalization, and an even better fit and finish than the one you’ll get directly from Apple.


    Our research and development team has spent a lot of time and a lot of effort crafting the perfect third-party Airpod case for your new AirPods. We’ve designed this case from top to bottom around these breakthrough and game-changing headphones, releasing a new case that only looks fantastic but secures, protects, and allows you to quickly charge your AirPods on the go, too.


    Lighter Than Air


    One of the most amazing things about AirPods in general is how like they feel when you pop them in your ears.


    They just sort of rest in your ear canal in a way that few other headphones can without ever feeling uncomfortable, even over extended amounts of time listening to your favorite music, podcasts, and audiobooks.


    Well, we wanted to make sure that our Velvet Caviar AirPod cases had that same “lighter than air” kind of feel without sacrificing the security or safety of your new headphones along the way.


    The specialty construction materials that we’ve selected match perfectly with our unique engineering and production approach that produced AirPod cases that weigh less than half an ounce. This guarantees that our AirPod case covers aren’t ever going to feel heavy or bulky in your pocket without sacrificing any strength, either.


    Easy Installation


    Every single square inch of our AirPod cases were designed around the actual AirPod headphones themselves rather than rough measurements or CAD drawings.


    By using legitimate AirPod headphones as the model for our designs we were able to perfectly replicate the kind of fit and finish inside of our cases that you get with the standard case that comes with these headphones from Apple.


    That means that you get the secure fit that allows you to gently press these headphones into their individual storage compartment to lock them in place (you can even turn our case upside down without your headphones falling out), but it also means that there’s no wiggle room inside that could cause accidental damage to your headphones, either.


    To retrieve your AirPods all you have to do is gently pop them out of the case and into your ears, too, without a lot of extra force and without a lot of extra persuasions.


    Best of all, you’re still going to be able to use your Lightning cord (or wireless charging capabilities) to refill the battery on these headphones while they are locked into their storage compartments, too.


    Over Engineered


    At the end of the day, we knew we needed to use only 100% ultra-premium construction materials throughout with our AirPod cases – and that’s what led us to use the highest-end elastomers available.


    These kinds of materials allow our cases to have a final finish that is incredibly smooth yet incredibly durable, dust and fingerprint resistant and gives our cases the kind of luxury look that you’d expect.


    Your AirPods are going to feel right at home in these cases, that’s for sure!


    Try Our AirPod Cases Today


    If you’d like a more personalized, more stylized, and more visually interesting case to protect and secure (not to mention charge) your AirPods – something that isn’t so “minimalist Apple” the way that the stock case that comes with these headphones is – you’ve definitely come to the right place.


    Here at Velvet Caviar we are especially proud of our reputation for helping people put their fingerprint on their mobile devices and accessories. Check out our AirPod cases today!


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