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iPhone 12 cases are here


Did you just get the iPhone 12s? Well then you definitely need a Velvet Caviar iPhone 12 case that has both form and function. Each iPhone 12 case has been made with two things in mind the ultimate protection for your new iPhone 12 and the most trendy designs so you can have the best of both worlds. 

iPhone 12 cases to make your new iPhone 12 invincible

You can’t walk around with that $699 iPhone unprotected. What if you drop it? And let’s face it- we’ve all been there, done that.

However robust the iPhone 12’s casing may be, we still can’t risk dropping our iPhone like that, because that could also mean dropping all that money down the drain!

Don’t worry though, Velvet Caviar’s iPhone 12 cases have got your phone covered, quite literally. Without feeling bulky in your hand and spoiling the iPhone feel like other cases often do, it offers all the protection your iPhone 12 needs. The cases are made from FirmFlex, a material which is just the right balance between hard and soft.

Each case even has a 2 mm raised front rim, so that the front screen is protected too. Made with the best shock-absorbent material, it also features a velvet interior to avoid the inside being scratched. 360-degree protection!


Elegant designs to give your iPhone a personal touch

Protection isn’t all that Velvet Caviar’s iPhone 12 cases offer. We know how much looks matter.

For that we offer the most aesthetic, elegant, and glamorous designs on our cases, that are laser-printed to perfection. They aren’t designed by just anybody; we work with some top-tier artists and designers in the U.S. And with the wide range of designs we have, you can always find something that says yours truly- something that really spells out your personality and mood.

We have styles ranging in Marble, Clear, Floral, Neon, Holographic, and much more.

The prices are ever so friendly and to top it off, we give you a 20% discount on your order if you buy more than 3 items for limited time, plus free shipping in the U.S.

Sounds like a great all-in-one!


Now enough said, go grab your own iPhone 12 cover now!

With the iPhone 12 release and the huge demand you wouldn't want your favorite designs to go out of stock! Grab you favorite iPhone 12 case design while they are still in stock. 


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