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iPhone 12 Pro
iPhone 12 Pro
Gray & Gold Marble iPhone Case
Regular price $25
iPhone 12 Pro
White & Gold Marble iPhone Case
Regular price $25
iPhone 12 Pro
Purple Streak Marble iPhone Case
Regular price $25
iPhone 12 Pro
iPhone 12 Pro
iPhone 8 / 7
Regular price $25
iPhone 12 Pro
Regular price $25
iPhone 12 Pro
Regular price $25 $12

Cute Phone Cases that Survive the Test of Time

Protecting your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy device can get pretty challenging these days, especially since so many phone cases are either built to be completely indestructible (and pretty ugly, if we’re being honest) or are gorgeous and glittery without even a little bit of protection.


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With these Velvet Caviar cute phone cases and matching AirPod Cases and Macbook Cases, however, you don’t have to worry about choosing to protect your phone or macbook to add quite a bit of style to your device.


You get both of those standout features in every one of these beautiful and protective phone cases!


Exclusive, Luxury Phone Case Designs You Won’t Find Anywhere Else


Each and every one of these protective cute phone cases from Velvet Caviar – from the snakeskin to the moonstone to the modern camouflage patterns (and everything else) – have been hand designed by legendary artists and creatives in New York City, with these designs available absolutely nowhere else.


All of these Samsung phone cases and iPhone cases are carefully considered when it comes to their creative aspects, and each of them offers you an opportunity to dramatically improve the overall look and personality of your phone without having to spend a small fortune along the way.


The fact that you can’t get these designs literally ANYWHERE else especially our marble phone cases is a big bonus. You’ll be the only one with these cute phone cases, even if you’re anything but the only one in your crowd with an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy device.


Phone Cases That Offer Plenty of Protection


It would be a major mistake to think that these phone cases are just another pretty face, no matter how drop-dead gorgeous and stylish they are.


Yes, these phone cases are going to get noticed immediately because of their style but they also offer plenty of protection you won’t get anywhere else.


Made out of space-age materials that allow these cases to gently surround your phone to offer the highest level of protection without adding any extra bulk, any extra weight, or too much extra thickness, you will be protected from daily damage, dents, dings, and drops without having to sacrifice any style along the way.


Phone Cases That Have Been Engineered to Fit Your Phone like a Second Skin


Best of all, these protective phone cases are able to perfectly mesh with your particular iPhone or Samsung Galaxy device model. And the fact that Velver Caviar cases drop even before a new phone comes out like the S10 cases for the S10 and iPhone Xs Max cases for the new iPhone makes this brand super dependable for all the newest phone releases. 


Built as though they were made by the folks at Apple or Samsung themselves, these phone cases have perfect accessory ports and charging spaces cut right into them and have a perfectly tight – but never too tight – fit on your device that you won’t find with most third-party options.


Check out all the cute phone cases from Velvet Caviar above – but don’t be surprised if you find yourself adding a couple of them to your cart!


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