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Samsung Galaxy S10 Cases from Velvet Caviar

Samsung Galaxy S10 Cases for S10/E/Plus

Velvet Caviar have today been informed that Samsung's upcoming three devices will be released as the Samsung Galaxy S10+ (6.4"), Samsung Galaxy S10 (6.1") and the Samsung Galaxy S10 E (5.8"), previously believed to be called the S10 Lite. 

We here at Velvet Caviar have an exclusive collection of S10 cases ready to go for each these Samsung devices!

Samsung Galaxy S10 E Cases

Samsung Galaxy S10E Case


Protecting your new Samsung Galaxy S10 E is important – but that doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice the aesthetics of one of the most beautiful smart phones ever created just to keep it from getting dents, dings, or cracks.


Instead, with our beautiful lineup of new cases designed specifically for the Samsung Galaxy S10 E you’re going to be able to wrap your new phone in a protective layer loaded with your personality. You will be able to get the security you are after without hiding the beautiful hardware, clean edges, and new Infinity Display that this newest flagship from the folks at Samsung brings to the table.


Maybe you’re looking for a case that is streamlined, minimalist, and is almost invisible but still offers layer of protection you want your new device to enjoy. These Velvet Caviar S10 E cases – available in a myriad of different colors and designs, with new options added all the time – get the job done without ever getting clunky, adding extra bulk or weight, or distracting from the amazing work the Samsung designers have pulled off in this 10th anniversary smart phone.


The Samsung Galaxy S10, after all, is the most important phone in the Samsung smartphone lineup. The S10 E version may be considered the “budget” entry of the bunch, but with a $1000 plus price tag you’re still looking at dropping a considerable amount of money on this phone in the case you get needs to be able to protect your investment.


Each and every one of these Velvet Caviar's S10 E case is designed specifically to mold directly to the form factor of the new Samsung Galaxy S10 E. They fit like a glove, adding personality and protection, and more than that they really help your new device to stand apart from the rest of the pack.


Your new Samsung phone is going to get people’s attention all on its own, but with one of these new Velvet Caviar Galaxy S10 E cases protecting it folks won’t be able to ignore it even for a second!



Samsung Galaxy S10 Cases

Samsung Galaxy S10 Case


The new Samsung Galaxy S10 is already being hailed as the most important smart phone ever created.


Featuring brand-new and advanced hardware, including the latest Infinity Display from Samsung, an in-screen fingerprint sensor, triple camera set up, and so much more, experts believe that this Samsung phone is going to be priced at right around $1500 (and it could get even more expensive than that, depending on how you spec out your new phone).


Anytime you’re talking about spending that kind of money on a phone you need to make sure that you are investing in a high-quality case, like the cases specifically for the Samsung Galaxy S10 available from Velvet Caviar.


Unlike some of the other third-party Galaxy S10 cases on the market today, these specific Galaxy s10 cases for girls have been designed to fit the new form factor of the Galaxy S10 perfectly. There is no extra stretch necessary, there is no misalignment of the power cord/charging/headphone adapters, and you won’t have to worry about this Galaxy S10 phone case relaxing and slipping off your device anytime soon, either.


Instead, you get an absolutely perfect fit with these Velvet Caviar S10 cases – as though they were designed by the engineers at Samsung responsible for making the phone itself.


On top of that, however, is the huge advantage of being able to really showcase your personality with these amazing smart phone cases from Velvet Caviar.


With more than a dozen different designs available, each of which distinct and different from any other – and all of them packed with plenty of personality – you won’t have any trouble finding the perfect phone case for you. Transforming your Samsung Galaxy S10 from its “vanilla” look into something a lot more personal is effortless with these high quality and secure cases.


Best of all, you get a full one year warranty that protects of these cases completely (from top to bottom, inside and out) for 365 days after you’ve purchased them as well as a 14 day moneyback guarantee if you’re unhappy with your purchase for any reason.


These Galaxy S10 cases are designed by some of the most innovative phone accessory designers in New York City, and are ready to go right out of the box – adding personality and protection to your new Samsung Galaxy S-10!




Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Cases

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Case


The newest “super phone” from the folks at Samsung, the Galaxy S10 Plus is a game changer – and not just because it’s the first phone available from a mainstream supplier to cost almost $2000 (or more, depending on how you spec your phone out).


Completely revolutionizing the smart phone world from top to bottom in a way that most people never thought possible, the Galaxy S10 Plus has been the most anticipated smart phone for well over a year and a half now. People were already thinking about the S10 back when the Galaxy 8 was first unveiled!


But now that you’ve got your hands on the most advanced piece of smart phone technology ever created it’s important that you do everything you can to protect it from daily wear and tear. Anytime you’re talking about dropping $2000 on a new smart phone you want to make sure that you protect your investment.


Of course, that doesn’t mean you want to lock your phone up with a bank vault style protective S10+ case, either – and with the help of the new Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus cases from Velvet Caviar you won’t ever have to worry about that.


Instead, you’re going to be able to completely deck out your new smart phone with beautiful Galaxy S10+ cases made from only the highest quality construction materials and hardware. Each of these S10+ cases have been designed to fit the new Samsung device perfectly, making it easy to install your phone in the case while at the same time helping him to remain lightweight without sacrificing protection.


These are the kinds of cases that allow you to really personalize your new phone when it comes fresh from the factory, the kinds of S10 plus cases that are smart, luxurious, simple to install, and designed for the long haul. They dramatically extend the longevity of your otherwise “naked” phone while at the same time helping you put your own personal stamp on a piece of technology that isn’t ever far from your reach.




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