Monthly VIP Club

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  • Best Selling Case
  • Matching Grip Ring
  • FREE U.S. Shipping
  • Exclusive VIP Discounts
a $50 value bundle

How does it work?

Each month or quarter, you'll get a new best selling phone case and a matching grip ring with free U.S. shipping! A $50 value outside of the VIP club.

Who picks the cases?

Our design team picks each new case based on recent popularity and variety! Choices are final and cannot be changed or exchanged.

Can I cancel or change sizes?

Of course! You can login to your account at any time to cancel the subscription or update your phone size.

When does it ship?

Monthly orders ship by the 5th and your card will be charged $20 on the 15th each month. Quarterly orders ship within 5 days of purchase and your card will be charged $20 every 3 months from the original date of purchase.

Are the cases protective?

All club cases feature the same quality and protection as our store cases. This includes full screen protection, bumper coverage, and shock absorption. Your items are also covered by our 1 Year Warranty!


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