ReCharge FAQ

  • What is the ReCharge case made of?
    This 1 piece case is made from a flexible silicone base along with a hard plastic shell around the battery. 
  • How do you charge the ReCharge case?
    You can either charge it while on your phone or separately by itself. If you charge the case with your phone in, it will first charge your case which will automatically charge your phone. No need to power on the case, it will automatically begin charging once plugged in. If you decide to charge the case separately from your phone, the same process applies. Simply plug in your charging cord and it will automatically begin charging.
  • Why isn’t my ReCharge case charging?
    Make sure the charging port is clear of debris and moisture. You can clean off any dirt or dust with a cotton swab. If it still doesn’t charge, please contact us.
  • How long does the case take to fully charge?
    Depends if you're charging the case alone or with your phone. Charging just the case can take up to 2 hours and up to 3 hours if it includes your phone. This is because you're now charging 2 batteries which takes more time. 
  • How do you apply and remove the ReCharge case?
    To apply, insert your phone from the top by pulling the silicone back and sliding in your phone into the case. Carefully align the charger to your phone's port and make sure to not force it in. Once the lightning port meets your phone, seal the silicone top around your screen.
    To remove, pull back the silicone top and pull your phone out upwards along the back of the case. Do NOT pull it outwards towards the screen, this will damage your charging case.
  • How much does the  ReCharge case weigh?
    It weighs 4.5 oz.
  • How much longer will my battery last with the ReCharge case?
    Velvet Caviar charging cases contain 5,000 MaH of additional power - almost double the battery of the iPhone. With this case, you can expect to almost triple your battery life!
  • How do you turn the ReCharge case ON & OFF?
    To turn ON, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds. On the left, you'll see power lights indicating the case's remaining battery. Each light signifies a 25% charge, with 2 being 50% and 4 being 100%. 
    To turn OFF, press and hold the power button again until the lights turn off. Our case does not automatically charge your phone. You'll have the choice to turn it on or off with the power button. 


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