Limited Liability

Under no circumstances, for any legal basis or theory of accountability, shall Velvet Caviar, its distributors, or suppliers bear responsibility towards the customer or any third party for any indirect, minor, consequential, distinct, model, or punitive damages, of any sort whatsoever, arising from the utilization of or incapability to utilize any product. This includes, with no limitations, harm to property, depreciation of product value, or any third-party products incorporated within or alongside the product. It also covers the deprivation of product use or any third-party products employed with the product. This stance remains even if Velvet Caviar has been forewarned about the potential for such damages.

While not restricting the preceding, the customer comprehends and agrees that Velvet Caviar assumes no liability for any harm or wreckage to customer electronic devices or other personal belongings encased within or outside products. This encompasses, with no constraints, laptops, smartphones, cellular phones, or other portable gadgets. It also encompasses any loss of data enclosed in the previously mentioned devices.

Regardless of any harm that the customer might sustain for any reason whatsoever, the entire combined accountability of Velvet Caviar and any of its distributors and/or suppliers shall be restricted to the actual amount paid by the customer for any product giving rise to accountability. A number of states, provinces, or countries do not authorize the exemption or limitation of minor or consequential damages. Thus, the aforementioned restriction or omission may not be applicable to the customer. The confines of liability outlined above shall be applicable to the utmost extent permitted under applicable law.





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