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iPhone Xr
iPhone SE / 8 / 7
Regular price $35
iPhone Xr
Sale iPhone SE / 8 / 7
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iPhone Xr
iPhone SE / 8 / 7
Regular price $35
iPhone Xr
iPhone SE / 8 / 7
Regular price $35
iPhone Xr
iPhone SE / 8 / 7
Regular price $35

One of the newest iPhone devices to hit the market, the iPhone XR, is not only one of the most beautiful devices ever cooked up by the folks at Apple but also one of the most powerful and highest performing smartphone devices ever made.


Utilizing a brand-new and revolutionary full-screen design format, the longest battery life ever available in any iPhone, and the fastest performance – not to mention water and splash proofing technology, the ability to shoot 4K video and stunning HD photos, as well as revolutionary new improvements in the overall iOS experience – this is a flagship phone that anyone would be happy to have their back pocket.


At the same time the new iPhone acts suffers from many of the same problems that iPhone devices have suffered from ever since they were first released. They have slick design features and use premium materials, but with all that glass and all that thin aluminum and metal they are prone to getting pretty damaged on accident.


The new iPhone XR cases from Velvet Caviar are designed specifically to improve the overall aesthetics of the smartphone devices while at the same time giving you all the safety, security, and protection you deserve.


iPhone XR cases crafted with high quality materials


The first thing you’ll notice about these velvet caviar iPhone XR cases is that they have been specifically designed to take advantage of the latest and greatest construction materials in the soft, flexible case industry.


These cases utilize high density polymers, new plastic materials, and other synthetics to create a web of safety and security for your device that is never big or bulky. Protecting your new iPhone is going to be a breeze with the help of these space-age materials that are at the forefront of iPhone XR cases available here.


All of these iPhone XR cases are also made to fit these phones perfectly, with laser precision cut outs on every port and opening so that connectivity never becomes an issue, either.


Beautiful cases designed with one-of-a-kind art


The other really cool thing about these Velvet Caviar iPhone XR cases is that they have been designed in partnership with legendary New York designers and artists and feature artwork and designs that aren’t going to be available literally anywhere else.


These cases are true works of art, designed to help separate your phone from everyone else’s while at the same time showing off your personality in the way that these New York inspired designs only can.


Check out the new cases for the iPhone XR right now – you won’t be disappointed!


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